Educational trail of the Sulov Rocks

Educational trail of the NNR of the Sulov Rocks

1, The Conglomerate of Sulov
2, The flowers of the rocks
3, Beech forests
4, Gothic Gate
5, Relict Pine forests
6, Rock nesters
7, Eurasian eagle-owl
8, Sulov Castle
9, Flora of shadowy nooks
10, Inverted relief
11, Visiting
12, Birds
13, Mamals
14, Orchis
15, Invertebrate
16, The Owl and the Owlet
17, Fauna of mountain streams

Starting point: parking lot in the gorge Skalie, or on the square in the village Sulov (following the blue tourist sign from there to its beginning – parking lot in the gorge).

vlastné foto Jana Smatanová