The Sulov Rocks

The Sulov rocks have attracted the attention of nature lovers with their mysterious shape, various nooks and crannies, reminiscent of various mythical figures of people and animals for a long time. Therefore, the effort to protect this unique area date back to the 1920s. Since 1973 their most attractive part has had the status of a National Nature Reserve. The nature trail through Sulov Rocks acquaint visitors with the geology, relief, flora, fauna and history of the Sulov Castle. Its route can be completed in about 1,5 – 2 hours with its 17 stops and an elevation approximately up to 290m.

vlastné foto Jana Smatanová

Súľovské skaly
vlastné foto Vladimír Ruček

1.vydanie_Sprievodca náučným chodníkom ŠPR Súľovské skaly (1977)
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