The Evangelical school

The building of Evangelical school in Sulov is right next to the Catholic church. This unusual phenomenon is a consequence of the development of the history of the Church in the village. There had been a wooden school at the place where was a school later. The building was an evangelical rectory originally. The old rectory served as a school after the priest moved to a new rectory in 1827. The building degraded over time, therefore, the Church decided to build a new brick school in its place. The school had been built in 1859-1860, while Karol Zarnovicky served in Sulov. He started to teach in 1835, and he was teaching in Sulov until his death on the 21th of November in 1886. He was Jozef Miloslav Hurban’s brother-in-law. The school building was divided into two parts – there was a classroom located in the part from the road leading to the Catholic church, and there was a teacher’s apartment in the other part of the building. There were 14 benches, a table, a desk, a wardrobe, a notice board, a map of Hungary and Trencin County, a picture of the monarch, a calculating machine, paintings from science, a thermometer, a sponge, a chalk bowl and a blackboard in the classroom in 1908. A barn and a woodshed belonged to the school. The classroom had been enlarged and the teacher’s apartment had been repaired in 1911. A help from Czech Republic came to Evangelical school in Sulov after the establishment of the first Czechoslovak Republic (similarly as to Catholic school and state school in Hradna). Edvin Palacky, who was born in 1910 in Haldslavice, was teaching in 1930-1931 in Sulov. The basis of ecumenical coexistence of both denominations was laid on school ground. Evangelical school cooperated with the Catholic school to such extent that the pupils were divided into Church schools according to age and not according to religion from the school year 1931/1932. The teachers from both schools carried out various functions in the village thanks to their education. The evangelical teacher Emil Klinga also worked as a credit union accountant, a municipal librarian and an orphans’ father. He was also a member and an officer in several local associations, in addition to teaching. Emil Klinga came from Krizova Ves, and he started to teach in Sulov in 1932. The teaching in the building of the Evangelical school was ongoing until the new special-purpose state school has been built in Sulov in 1960. The building did not lose its educational purpose, a kindergarten was established there in 1962. It functioned until 1981. The building was used by the Club of the young people (Klub mladých) in the following period, and by the Zvazarm later. The building was returned to the Evangelical Church after a long restitution process in 2008. There is a municipal well, which is unused nowadays in front of the school. The teacher Emil Kling ordered to make its concrete conical shape, which was inspired by Abyssinian conical houses in Addis Ababa.

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Evanjelická škola v 30-tych rokoch 20. storočia
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Žiaci s učiteľom Emilom Klingom a s p. farárom Ondrejom Peckom pred školou v školskom roku 1943/1944
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