The Catholic school

The building of the school was built from stone in 1770. The original building consisted of two rooms, a kitchen, a hall and a small closet. When another classroom had been added to the building, the older part served as a teacher’s apartment. The building had been reconstructed in 1932. A new window was added to the front classroom. The building was nationalized in 1956. Tvrdy family bought the building in 1960s. It has still belonged to their descendants. An interesting, and at the same time significant, fact occurred in 1931. There was a threat of abolition of the Catholic school in Sulov due to the low number of the Catholic children. Catholic and Evangelic School Councils concluded a cooperation agreement. Children had been taught together since the school year 1931/1932. They were divided into individual schools according to age and not according to religion. The first to third grade formed one class and they were taught at the Evangelic school. The second class consisted of kids from 4th to 8th grades. These children were taught at the Catholic school. The children were divided according to church affiliation for religion classes. The cooperation proved its worth. It suited both denominations. The painted form of the school is known from the school chronicle, which had been recorded by the teacher of Czech nationality Marta Balasova since 1930.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

Maľovaná podoba školy od Marty Balášovej
Školská kronika

Žiaci s učiteľkou Martou Balášovou pred školou v školskom roku 1932/1933
Školská kronika