The fate of the local Jews

The highest number of Jews who lived in this area is recorded in 1851. There were 32 Jews in Sulov and 5 Jews in Hradna. Families of Armin Politzer and Zigmund Neufeld had lived in Sulov-Hradna since 1890s. They had enough money, therefore, they were able to buy estates in the village already during Hungarian period. These families were the only Jewish residents in the village at the time of the coup in the November 1918. There was violence against them. Armed soldiers had raided Armin Politzer at his inn. They expelled him and his family. Afterwards, they took food, silverware, clothing and household tools. Also, they destroyed the equipment. His wife and daughter went to Trencin early in the morning, after they had spend the night at the Evangelical rectory. Similarly, they expelled Zigmund Neufeld – the owner of the inn in Hradna. They made a feast of his pigs. They took supplies and various household equipment from the cellar. However, they returned most of it later. During the period of the Slovak state in time of the persecution of Jews, no residents of Jewish faith permanently lived in the village Sulov-Hradna. However, some Jews came to the village to seek shelter and refuge for baptism. Evangelic priest Ondrej Pecka baptized seven people of Jewish faith in the period from March to September in 1942. The Jewish family Neumann from Predmier was detained by the German army at the Evangelic rectory in 1944. Several local people hid some Jews, whose names remain unknown. Juraj Altner, the well-known Slovak pedagogue and journalist, survived the persecution thanks to a hiding place in Sulov.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

Politzerov rukopis
foto M. Kerešová

Neufeldov neskôr Boškov hostinec v Hradnej v roku 2016
foto M. Kerešová