The first written record

The first written reference about Sulov dates to 1193; thus, it completes the finding of archeological excavations. In 1193, Sulov became a property of Vratislav from Dubnica and Ostratice, thanks to a deed by Bela III King of Hungary. The King knighted him after his merits in war and gave him village Predmier and Sulov, which previously belonged to Trencin Castle. The deed has not been restored in original but only in two transcriptions from the 18th century. Even though, the deed is considered to be a falsification from the 13th century, technical analysis has shown that basic content data correspond with the situation at the time of declaration of the deed. Therefore, it has been accepted as a historical document. There are names such as the Vah/Vagh, Hradnianka/Hradna, Jablonove stream/Jablonova, Rohac/Rohach and Holazne/Halaz in the deed.
The first written reference about village Hradna dates back to 1408. The content of the deed, where Hradna and Sulov are mentioned, is not yet known.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

Text listiny z roku 1193
Marsina Richard, Codex diplomaticus et epistolaris Slovaciae I., Bratislava, 1971