ROUTE_5 Crossing to Hricov Castle

Time: 3:00 hours / 9,5km
Village Sulov –Rohac Saddle – Saddle under Rohac – Hricov Castle – Hricovske Podhradie

You should follow the blue hiking mark from the center of the village Sulov. Then, you ascend through the meadows above the village and beech forests to Rohac Saddle. The Way of the Cross begins in the village Podhorie and ends here. The place of pilgrimage consists of benches placed in the amphitheater with a centrally built wooden shelter. You turn to the left, following the green hiking mark, where the most picturesque views of the Rock Town open, such as Brada, Sulov Castle and upper Vah region. You descend along the red hiking mark from Saddle under Rohac, which connects to a forest farming path on the southern slopes. You turn to the left and after a short ascent you come to the Hricov Castle, which is preserved by volunteers from the Citizen's Association – Association of friends of Hricov Castle. The castle is accessible by stairs. There is a beautiful view from the castle to upper Vah region, from Bytca to Rajec valley. You descend from the castle along an educational trail to the center of the village of Hricovske Podhradie.

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