ROUTE_2 Sulov Rock Town

Time: 4 hours / 10km
Parking Lot – Gothic Gate – Sulov Castle – Meadow under the Castle – Saddle under the Brada – Saddle under the Rohac - *
1* - Great Gate – The Dragon’s Hole Cave – Parking Lot
2* - Rohac Saddle – Parking Lot

Starting at the parking lot in the Skalie gorge, you follow the green hiking mark of the educational trail, through Gothic Gate, Sulov Castle and you descend to the Meadow under the castle.
Then, you follow the red hiking mark through the mixed forest to the Saddle under Brada. A blue hiking mark from the village of Hrabove joins here. There is a turn to the left to Jilemnicky outlook under the rocky massif Brada. It is possible to partly see the Javorniky valley and the Vah valley from there. The main sidewalk continues with a short climb and a turn to Stefanik's outlook. The area is dominated by the towers of the rock town. The two accessible terraces offer a view of Little Fatra, Martinske hole, Sulov mountains, Velky and Maly Manin, Vrsatecke brala, Sulov Castle and the Maple Mountains. There are two rock towers Bradas (816m a.s.l.). Then you continue to the Saddle under Rohac. You should follow yellow hiking mark at the crossroad. You descend through the Great Gate, ascend to the Dragon’s Hole cave and continue around the year-round water stream Na Starom, and next to benches and pubic campfires to the village.
Or, you may continue to Rohac Saddle, where the best views of the entire rock amphitheater open up along the sidewalk. From there, you descend along the blue hiking mark through a beech forest and foothill meadows to the village Sulov.

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