The oldest poem about the Sulov Rocks

The poem about the Sulov Rocks by Maria Terezia Artnerova

The poem is the oldest known poem about the Sulov Rocks. The author describes its the beauty. The poem was written in German language in 1803. The magnificence of the nature left her speechless, because it is much more splendid than she expected. She wrote that “The impressiveness of the breathtaking view uplifts the soul of man!” Maria Terezia compares the Sulov Rocks to the Babylon, as the forgotten capital city of Europe. Sulov nature evokes strong patriotic feelings in her. Also, she refers to the landscape as to the unspeakable greatness. She allegorizes the mountains to Gods. Moreover, she refers to the rocks as to the proud amphitheater, which the nature has built for the next centuries.

The first stanza of the original German text is published in the German version, and five re-written stanzas of the poem are published in the Slovak version.

zdroj: Jónásová Anna zost., Mária Terézia Artnerová - Theone, Občianske združenie Galanta literárna, 2012.

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