The Inn in Hradna

The largest known wooden house had been built with the aim of providing space for a pub or an inn, in addition to housing. Probably, it belonged to a landowner originally, who rented it to Jews with a permission of the tap. It might had been bought by a private owner in the 1850s. The last Jewish owner was Zigmund Neufeld. He has lawsuits for the land near the border with Bodina in 1895. He was a representative of a village headman in 1912. He returned to Hradna after the riots in the November in 1918. Although, he left soon and lived in Povazska Bystrica. He sold the Inn to Stefan Bosko Solis, who continued to operate the Inn. In 1921, one bottle of beer cost 2 crowns and 50 pennies and one bottle of sweetened soda cost 1 crown and 60 pennies. A sign on the building indicated that tobacco could also be bought there. Tourists coming from Sulov to Rajecka dolina often stopped at the Inn. They turned to the nearby Rajecka street, which led them to the sedlo Patuch. Stefan Bosko served as a representative of a village headman for many years. He made a significant contribution to the development of the village. He provided an accommodation for local teachers in an attic of the Inn. Bedrich Autrata, a teacher with artistic talent, drew the Inn to the local chronicle. A public telephone was located in the hallway of the Inn in 1948. The Inn building remained the property of Stefan Bosko descendants, who demolished it almost entirely in 2018. Perhaps out of nostalgia, they left at least a small part of the original building.

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