Zibrid (867m a.s.l.)

The highest peak of the Sulov Rocks consists of limestone and conglomerate rocks. It is accessible from Saddle Patuch (630m a.s.l.) by a green sign, which descends around the village Jasenove to Rajec. Zibrid provides a spectacular view to the upper Vah region. The view of Rajec valley and Little Fatra is covered by forests. The stream Hradnanka springs under the Liscia skala (Fox’s Rock) in the western slope. It flows through Hradna, Sulov, Jablonove and it flows into the Vah river in Predmier. The rock tower Budzogan is located on the eastern slope.

zdroj: vlastný text Jana Smatanová

Žibrid pohľad od Čierneho potoka
vlastné foto Monika Smatanová

vlastné foto Monika Smatanová