There is a 14-meter-high rock tower on the eastern slope of the Zibrid hill (867 m a.s.l.). It is in the easternmost part of the cadastral territory of the village Hradna. According to a legend, the rare tree Thunderoak grew here. A giant liked it and he wanted to make a mace out of it. However, while he was cutting and carving it, he did not notice the leaking pulp sticking it to the ground. As he was trying to get up, he angered the unfinished Thunderoak trunk into the ground and cursed it. The wood petrified and turned into a rock that had long been hidden by a dense forest.
Today, there is a view of the Zilina basin, Little Fatra and Lietava castle.
The educational trail Lost Budzogan leads here from Rajecke Teplice, and a yellow tourist mark leads here from the village Zbynov.

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Skalný Budzogáň
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Skalný Budzogáň
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