The House of Sirmiensis – Sulovsky

In 1550, Ferdinand I. king of Royal Hungary donated Sulov, Hradna, Sulov Castle, the village Marcek and Luky to Sebastian Sirmiensis after the House of Sulovsky had died. Sebastian Sirmiensis came from completely foreign area. He came from the village Karom, which was in the south of the Kingdom of Hungary. Nowadays, it is Karloci in Serbia. Sebastian got these properties for his service in the battle against the Turks, when he, as an admiral of a Turkish river fleet, joined Ferdinand I. The House of Sirmiensis’ members belonged to the middle nobility. Many of them worked for bureaucracy of Trencin County. The House of Sirmiensis, who over time used the surname Sulovsky, had considerably extended throughout history. As a result, many of the family members moved out of the village. However, some of them still lived in Sulov in the 20th century. The tangible monuments of the House of Sirmiensis are the upper and the lower courtyard, evangelical rectory, Small Curia, Catholic and Evangelic church and tombstones, which are in front of catholic church and at the cemetery in Sulov. Only few people realize, that adventurer and the king of Madagascar -Moric Benovsky was of the same blood as the House of Sirmiensis. Pavel Benovsky’s wife- Maria Sulovska, was his grandmother.

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Erb Sirmiensisovcov
Jozef Szekacs

Odtlačok pečate s rodovým erbom
foto L. Szulyovszky