The main stream of the Sulov valley -Hradnianka had enough water to operate water mills in the past. The millers rented the mills from the lordship initially. There was a mill in Hradna, but it was no longer functional in the 19th century. Only the local name Nade mlynom (Above the mill) has been preserved after the mill in Hradna. There were two mills in Sulov. The upper mill was located opposite the lime kiln, nearby a current cottage Chalupa Monika. Jozef Kaluza from Predmier with his wife Anna Hanulikova Minarovska bought the mill in 1892. The lower mill was in front of the Sulov gorge. Martin Hoferica owned it in 1930s. He sold the land to Paver Minarovsky from Predmier after the mill burned down. He rebuilt the wooden mill to a brick mill. It has been stated that both mills belonged to Minarovska family in 1938. However, the upper mill had not been functional for several years. The lower mill did not grind grain. Instead, it produced electricity by water power, which drove a saw to cut boards. It was in operation until 1951. Afterwards, all private trades were closed down. Therefore, Pavol Minarovsky had to shut down the sawmill. He used the water power only to produce electricity to drive a water turbine and a unit for lighting and heating of his house and the house of his son Jan. Pavel Minarovsky was deprived the right to economically use the water in 1962 because “the mill did not serve its original purpose and was no longer necessary for the public interest”. It meant that he could no longer produce electricity with water power for private purposes. The statement of the Central Slovak Electric utility, which welcomed the reduction of the load on the public electricity network, did not help either. The reason for the rejection was simple – any speculation must be avoided.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

Dolný mlyn pred súľovskou tiesňavou okolo roku 1850 na akvarely Thomasa Endera

Priestor Horného mlyna na fotografii Martina Pattantyusa z prelomu 19. a 20. storočia
Čiernobiely svet - Black and white world, Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj, 2010

Pohľad na Dolný mlyn pred tiesňavou
súkromná zbierka Jana Smatanová