Jan Cisarovsky

Jan Cisarovsky was born on the 26th of October in 1865. He came from Zbraslav near Prague, where he owned a paper factory. He is considered to be a father of tourism in Sulov, because he built a first house for tourists in Sulov in 1924 – The Tourist House. Jan Cisarovsky contributed to the popularity of the Sulov Rocks by publishing a Guide to the Sulov Rocks near Zilina in Slovakia. The Guide had 32 pages and it was published in 1926. He also promoted the Sulov Rocks by publishing postcards depicting the Tourist House and the Sulov Rocks in 1926, 1934 and 1936. He was a member of Czechoslovakian Tourist Club; therefore, he created marked routes from the Tourist House. Moreover, despite the fact that many of the rock formations had had names for a long time, he re-named some of them with an artificially created names. For example, he changed Angled Gate to Gothic Gate; also, The Dragon’s Hole to Janosik’s Cave. Although, the new name Gothic Gate have been accepted, the cave called The Dragon’s Hole has retained its original name to these days. The Cisar family had to leave Sulov in 1939 due to their Czech nationality. Jan Cisarovsky died on 15th of April in1952 in Zbraslav.

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Ján Císařovský (1865-1952)
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