Jan Krizan

Jan Krizan was born on the 19th of March in 1822 in Adamovce. He became an evangelical priest. He started as a chaplain in 1850 in Sulov. Since 1856 he had served as a priest. Out of the priests in Sulov, he served there the longest time – 54 years. He died as an old man when he was 84 years old, on the 29th of December in 1904. He is buried at the local cemetery. In addition to work as a priest, he devoted himself to writing. He published several articles dealing with theological and historical topics. He is an author of history of the Evangelic church of the Augsburg Confession and congregation in Sulov, which were not published until 2010 under the title Zrodena medzi skalami (Born between the rocks). Jan Krizan was married twice. He had 8 children with his first wife. However, four of them died earlier then Jan. He got married again when he was 56 years old. The last son was born after 4 years of marriage. His wife was 45 at that time.

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Ján Križan (1822-1904)
SNK Martin, Archív literatúry a umenia

Náhrobný kameň Jána Križana
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