Protected area

The village Sulov – Hradna is located in Strazov Mountains PLA (Protected Landscape Area) with the second level of environmental protection. At the same time, it is a nature reserve and the national park the Sulov Rocks with the 5th level of environmental protection.
It results in several prohibitions and restrictions.

In the forests and areas with the 2nd level of environmental protection is prohibited:
Driving a motor vehicle (car, motorbike, quad bike) outside the roads and paths, and outside the built-up area of the village.
Riding a bicycle off the streets or marked cycling routes and outside the built-up area of the village.
Leaving waste and other pollution.
Starting a fire, disturbing peace and quiet, camping outside the designated areas.

In addition, in the area with the 5th level of protection is prohibited:
Felling trees, collecting plants and catching animals.
Letting dogs run free.
Entering the area outside the marked hiking trails.
Using of fireworks, firecrackers, etc.

By violating these prohibitions, you are destroying nature, endangering rare species of flora and fauna that live here, or even damaging private property.

Behave properly, you are visiting.