Karol Sirmiensis

He was born on the11th of October 1720 in Bratislava, where his father Gaspar Sirmiensis got married. Maria Klara Segner was Karol’s mother. It is unknown when Karol returned to Sulov; nevertheless, he got married there on the 6th of January in 1743. Eva Sontag from Dobsina was his wife and they had nine children. They were all born in Sulov. Karol and his uncle Frantisek Sirmiensis, whose wife was Eva’s sister Juliana Sontag, built a new Evangelic church in Sulov in 1750. Karol was a superintendent of Evangelic church and congregation in Sulov for more than 40 years. He was an associate of a county court of Trencin County. He died because of asthma on 10th of January 1803. He was buried at the cemetery in Sulov, where his tombstone has been preserved.

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Karol Sirmiensis (1720-1803)
Križan Ján, Zrodená medzi skalami, Ametyst, 2010