The beginnings of the development of tourism

Jan Cisarovsky published the first printed tourist guide through the Sulov Rocks at his own expenses in 1926. At that time, there was a network of routes that started at the regional railway stations. A popular trip from Povazska Tepla led to Maly and Velky Manin, Maninska Gorge through Kostolecka Gorge and Vrchtepla to Sulov. Amazing views have been offered to visitors through Jablovove from Bytca - Predmier station. The local routes started at the Tourist House in the gorge or at the Cisarovsky’s Tourist House. Current routs complemented the original network of sidewalks.

Prvý ilustrovaný sprievodca Súľovskými skalami, vydal Císařovský
súkromná zbierka J.Smatanová