ROUTE_1 Educational trail to Sulov Castle

Time: 2 hours / 6km
Parking Lot - Gothic Gate – Sulov Castle – The meadow under the Castle – The meadow near Rocky Mushroom – Parking Lot

A short but intense walk through a sparse forest begins from the parking lot in the Skalie gorge. It continues with a slight ascent through the beech forest valley. Rocky views open between the pines after approximately 40 minutes. The green hiking mark navigates to the left, to a turnoff from the main sidewalk towards the view of the Gothic Gate.
The trail continues with an exposed tree roots, rock sleepers and rock sediments through the forest. The section below the castle is completed by ladders. A descent from Sulov Castle is by a sidewalk, which is secured by ladders and railings. Visitors should be very careful during rainy weather and fallen leaves from autumn to spring. There is a water stream at the meadow under the castle. It can dry out in the summer months. The meadow was originally called “Pod kotliscom”. It is possible to join the red hiking mark there. On the road turning right, you slowly descend through the forest to the meadow near Stone Mushroom. There is one of the public campfires nearby. The red hiking mark continues along the border of the forest around the stone formation Smrcok, which is shaded by a pine forest. Then, it goes under the Owl and the Owlet, it passes over the Roman Catholic Church of St. Michal the Archangel and ends at the parking lot in the Skalie gorge.

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