ROUTE_3 The eastern ridge of the Sulov Rocks

Time: 6 hours / 15km
Parking lot – Rohac Saddle – Kecka – Patuch Saddle – Hradna – Sulov – Parking Lot

You should follow the blue hiking mark from the center of the village through the foothill meadows and mixed forests to the Rohac Saddle (692m a.s.l.). Then, you turn to the south, and you follow the green hiking mark. There is a summit register at the Kecka peak (822m a.s.l.). You continue through Cat’s ears (Kocurie usi), Velka Kohilna (794m a.s.l.), which was named after the European feather grass (Stipa pennata). You descend from Stolova (814m a.s.l.) to Patuch Saddle and continue along the yellow hiking mark back to Sulov. The eastern ridge has almost two dozen short and intense ascents and descents, and it is complemented by flat saddles. The rocky outlooks offer a panoramatic view towards the north, west and south.

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"Kohílie" Kaviľ Ivanov ( Stipa pennata) na Veľkej Kohilnej
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