Luther and Melanchton

There are two rock towers maned after the church reformers of the 16th century - Martin Luther (1483-1546) and Filip Melanchton (1497-1560). They are located near the entrance of the Sulov gorge, on the left above the road and opposite the Lower Mill. The personalities of the Protestant Reformation are a typographical reminder of cultural history. Indeed, Sulov was appointed as an articular choir in the Trencin County at the Parliament in Soporna in 1681. They are complemented by a rock tower in the south-eastern part of Brada, named after the Hungarian queen Maria Theresa.

Skalný útvar Luter a Melanchton pred vstupom do Tiesňavy
súkromná zbierka Jana Smatanová

Luter a Melanchton
vlastné foto Monika Smatanová