TV show Marco Polo II

Production company: The Weinstein Company
Year: 2015
Directors: Alik Sakharov and Dan Minahan (who also directed TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Dexter, Sopranos, The Newsroom) and Jon Amiel.
Cast: Lorenzo Richelmy, Benedict Wong (who also played in Prometheus, Spy games), Tom Wo (who played in Skyfall) and Zhu Thu (played in Cloud Atlas).

Marco Polo is a historical TV show about a Venetian merchant and traveler, who as a first European crossed Asia through the Silk Road to China in the 13th century. Moreover, he discovered Asia in more details. He was a prisoner in the palace of the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, but he managed to gain his trust. He entrusted him with important state tasks for years. Afterwards, Marco acquired a large fortune thanks to that.

Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice, where he also died in 1324. He recorded the notes from his journey in Asia in the book Million or in English commonly called The Travels of Marco Polo. When he returned to Europe, he wrote it in Genoa prison in 1298. The travelogue depicts his adventurous journey and life in China in details. It was translated into many languages during Marco’s life. It was the only work of its kind, as no European could know China and other Asian countries better than Marco Polo at that time. He showed to Europe that other countries also have high culture, history and traditions, which proud Europeans were reluctant to accept. Even a large part from the high ecclesiastical hierarchy rejected it. The travelogue fell into oblivion. However, Christopher Columbus reached it two centuries later. The book initiated his expedition to India but by the western route.


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