Old fire station

The old fire station in Hradna is located at the crossroad of the main street and Rajecka street. The people of Hradna built it on initiative of the local teacher Jozef Podhorany in 1941. In addition to the storage of the fire hydrant, the fire station served as a guardroom (a room, where firefighters recorded and exchanged services during the harvest) and there was a storage room for cleaning grain and a general scale. Volunteer fire department of Sulov was established in 1937. The Volunteer firefighters from Hradna separated from the Volunteer fire department of Sulov, which has existed since 1928. The teacher Bedrich Autrata was a main organizer of the independent Volunteer fire department of Hradna. The firefighters built the new fire station near the store in 1974.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

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