Sedum Laconicum (Sedum album) grows on the sunshine rocky places. The caterpillars of a rare Apollo (Parnassius Apollo) host on it from March to June. The caterpillar pupates after repeated molting. The chrysalises are usually hidden between stones, thus tourists who walk out of sidewalks directedly threaten its survival. Adult butterflies fly from June to August and feed on nectar. The purple emperor (Apatura iris) is a rare butterfly. The more common is the peacock butterfly (Nymphalis io). The spider (Atypus muralis) is a rare thermophilic species. It inhabits warm grassy slopes in the reservation. It lives in corridors dig out into the ground. It watches a prey in the horizontal part at the surface of the ground, while camouflaged by a cobweb. Sulov is one of the three known localities of its occurrence in Slovakia. Mollusks have a special position in the local fauna. They live here in large numbers due to the sufficient supply of carbonates, which they need to build their shells. The most valuable are mollusks of calcareous springs. Glacial relict (Vertigo geyeri), species preserved as a remnant of Ice Ages, points to the ancient origin of these habitats. These animals are only a small fraction of the countless invertebrates inhabiting the Sulov Rocks habitats.

vlastné foto Jana Smatanová