The House of Sulovsky

The House of Vratslav, which is also mentioned in the first written record about Sulov, had died before 1336. Elias from Bobrovnik near Trencin became an owner of Sulov. At this time, Elias served as a royal castellan of Budatin Castle. Elias’s descendants had owned Sulov and Hradna for more than 200 years- until 1550. There are only few written documents from this medieval period; although, they contain several primacies. Firstly, Sulov Castle was mentioned in the connection with The House of Sulovsky in 1470. In 1474, the Slovak form of the surname of the house of Elias has been recorded as Elie Swlowsky for the first time. Until then, members of the family had signed only their first names + predicate from Sulov. The name of the village was transformed into the surname of its owners. Another primacy applies to local headmen. The names of the oldest known mayors of the both municipalities date to 1522. In this year, the headman of Sulov was Michal and the headman of Hradna was Jan.

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