ROUTE_9 Crossing to Vrchtepla and Maninska Gorge

Time: 9 hours / 17km
Sulov – Vrchtepla – Kostolecka gorge – Kostolec – Velky Manin – auto camp Manin – Maninska gorge – Povazska Tepla

You follow the green hiking mark through the valley Jedlovnik from the center of the village. You continue through Vrchtepla along the asphalt road to the Kostolocka gorge under the Roof of Slovakia (Strecha Slovenska). You turn to the left in the center of the village Zaskalie and follow the green hiking mark and climb across the meadow to the Pod Velkym Maninom crossroad. There is a great view of the Kostolecky dom from the meadow. Kostolecky dom is supposedly the highest overhang in the Western Carpathians. You join the yellow hiking mark and ascend to the massive peak of Velky Manin. You have to go along the ridge to the south to reach the highest point. There is a stone pyramid marking the highest point of 891m a. s. l., in a beech forest obstructing the view. You go back and descend the serpentine of the western slope to the auto camp. You turn right and follow the red hiking mark, after about 10 minutes you reach Maninska gorge. You may return to Sulov or go to the village Povazska Tepla.

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sedlo Minarčikovské (prechod z Čierneho potoka do doliny obce Vrchteplá)
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