ROUTE_8 Round walk to Vrchtepla with the Monument of the SNU

Time: 3:15 hours / 12km
Parking lot – Cierny Potok valley – Saddle Minarcikovske – Vrchtepla – Saddle Jedlovnik – Sulov

The route starts at the parking lot in Skalie gorge. You should head towards the village Jablonove from there. Right after the bend at the bus stop in front of the mill, you turn to the left over a stream and go up to the cottage valley Cierny Potok along the red hiking mark. The valley opens above the village of Vrchtepla. There is a view of the valley with the Slovak National Uprising memorial in the middle of the hill Horka. Then, you go to the village around the football field to the village center. You continue northwest from there, along the green hiking mark up the village through Saddle Jedlovnik and back to Sulov. The road from the saddle leads through the forest, where it is joined to an adjusted forest road later. The green hiking mark results in the forest below Dubovec, from where you have a panoramic view of the Sulov Rocks arch.

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sedlo Minarčikovské (prechod z Čierneho potoka do doliny obce Vrchteplá)
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