Sulov Cottage

Jan Tvrdy built the cottage in 1947-1949. He also owned an opposite building -Tourist Inn. It was built of cinder blocks. There was a basement under the building. There were six operating rooms and eight rooms for accommodation. There was a wooden bridge with concrete side pillars, which led across the river. In 1954, a National Report had been imposed on unfinished cottage. The national administrator was Milan Saradin. The cottage was operated by Ludosluzba, District industrial combine Bytca, Tourist – the national enterprise Bratislava and Restaurants and canteens – corporate-operations department Povazska Bystrica later. In 1957, the cottage was delimitated to Jednota – People’s Consumer Cooperative in Bytca. After a long and unsuccessful negotiation with the owner about repurchase, the cottage was expropriated from Jan Tvrdy. A Tourist Guide from 1959 states that one-story Sulov cottage provided accommodation in 7 rooms with a capacity of 55 beds. There were 12 beds in 2-6 bed rooms and 43 beds in 4 shared dormitories. The cottage had a tap with cold water, electric heating as well as stove heating. There was a dining room and lounge on the ground floor. A radio turntable enriched a stay in the cottage.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

Chata Súľov okolo roku 1955
Obec Súľov-Hradná

Turistický ruch pri chate
Obec Súľov-Hradná