Sulovcanka Cottage

Sulovcanka Cottage is the oldest cottage in Sulov. It was originally called Tourist Inn. Jan Tvrdy, who came from Kostolec, built the cottage in 1938. In 1936, he already had wooden kiosk with tap and open porch at the place where the cottage has been built later. After the construction burned down, Jan Tvrdy got the cottage building permit in 1938. Alojz Subert from Zilina made a building project. A master wood builder Jan Skripec from Predmier was a builder of the cottage. Its measurements were 7 x 9m. There was a tap-room, guest room, kitchen and closet on the ground floor. There were 8 rooms for tourists upstairs. In 1946, Jan Tvrdy could no longer operate the cottage due to unreasonable prices and other services. The cottage was assumed by The National Committee of in 1952. Afterward, the cottage served as storage of vegetables, beer, chairs. It was used as tap-room in summertime. Since 1956, the family of original owner use the cottage only for housing.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

Chata Súľovčanka
súkromná zbierka Jana Smatanová