Teodoz Sirmiensis

Teodoz Sirmiensis was born after his father’s (Sebastian Sirmiensis) death in Sulov approximately in 1557. In 1550, the King Ferdinand I. gave to Sebastian the properties in Sulov and its surroundings, for his services in the battles against the Turks. Justina from Klatova Nova Ves was Teodoz’s mother. He got married to Zuzana Pongrac and they had two daughters and five sons. Teodoz belonged among the signatories of Synody of Zilina. This council of the church was a stimulus for establishment of new evangelic church. At the initiative of the palatine Juraj Thurzo, the Synod took place in Zilina on the 28th and 29th of March 1610. Teodoz and Juraj Thurzo were close friends. They became godfathers of their children and they also attended their weddings. Teodoz died before midnight on 24th of February 1627, while he was reading Holy Scripture.

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Zápis o úmrtí Teodóza Sirmiensisa 24. 2. 1627 v rodovom kalendári
Križan Ján, Zrodená medzi skalami, Ametyst, 2010