The upper courtyard Manor

Helena Sirmiensis was the first known owner of the Manor. She was daughter of Sebastian and she got married to Jan David from Liptovsky Peter. The couple’s names initials have been preserved engraved on the interior door portal from the 1592, and on the outer surface, which dates to 1594. The name Upper courtyard had been already mentioned in the historical records in 1619. Dezider Sulovsky was the last aristocratic owner of the Manor. He sold his property to Tatra Bank. Afterwards, he left Czechoslovakia. Vincent Micura from Zariecie bought the property from Tatra Bank in 1933. Ukrainians, who served in the German army, were accommodated in Manor during Slovak National Uprising. After nationalization, there was a farmer’s cooperative society, a library, a wedding hall of the Local National Committee, private flats, a memorial room of the resistance movement and a warehouse of old paper. Despite the fact that the Manor had been used, it dilapidated. It was given back to Vincent Micura’s descendants after restitution. As a result, this simple but indeed magnificent Renaissance building with a rectangular ground plan, shone in its original beauty after the reconstruction in the 1990s. The rooms have preserved the original portals and cross vaults on the ground floor. There are carved wooden beamed ceilings upstairs. The Manor has been declared a National heritage site since 1963.

zdroj: Vlastný výskum autorky textu M. Kerešovej.

Akvarel Thomasa Endera, v popredí Horný kaštieľ okolo roku 1850

Kaštieľ v roku 1894
Turistické noviny Budapesti latogatok lapja, 1894

Kaštieľ v 80-tych rokoch 20. storočia
Obec Súľov-Hradná