Places to rest

Citizen’s Association “Pod skalami” implemented the project “Benches under the rocks” with the financial support of the Zilina Region in 2019. They are located on the yellow tourist route between the Meadow near Rocky Mushroom and the Meadow under Rohac.
They created two fireplaces with seating and other separate benches in an attractive environment.

The Sulov Rocks are subject of the 2nd, 4th and 5th level of environmental protection, which regulates making and using campfires.
Setting up a fire is strictly forbidden in the nature reserve.
Do not set up a fire outside designed campfires!

Always have enough water with you to extinguished the fire.
Thank you for taking the garbage with you and separating it in containers in the parking lots.

Lavičky pod skalami s ohniskom
vlastné foto Jana Smatanová

Lavička pod skalami
vlastné foto Monika Smatanová