Dancing On Broken Glass

Directed by Marek Tapak
Release date: 2012
Dancing On Broken Glass is an original Slovak music and dance movie. It is a story about mature man, who relives the important moments of his life. He embodies his dreams, desires and ideas. Strong emotions are transformed into temperamental and poetic dance images, such as the fragility of love, the power of desire, the pain of rejection, the bitterness and beauty of acquaintance, as well as the unequal struggle with death and himself. The charismatic personality of Marek Tapak, amazing shots of Slovak nature, captivating music and interpretive dance mastery create a unique movie which emanates irrepressible energy.

Actors: Marek Tapak, Anna Javorkova, ..

zdroj: http://www.filmtanecmedzicrepinami.sk/

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