The natural peculiarities of the Sulov Rocks are the result of various and long-lasting processes. Sometimes, it is hard to comprehend its nature. Plants and animals are at home among the rocks and we are only their guests. Therefore, let’s behave like visitors.
The law requires strict conditions of protection in National nature reserve, however, it cannot protect vulnerable plant and animal species or remarkable relief shapes without visitors.
It is essential to remember some basic restrictions in the reservation:
It is forbidden to move outside the marked routes, to make a fire and to camp (except for places reserved for it). Peace and quiet must not be disturbed. It is forbidden to let dogs free and to collect plants or animals. Also, it is prohibited to damage the soil and vegetation and to pollute the area with rubbish. See the info section for a detailed description of restrictions.
The Rock Indian symbolizes a nation for which respect for nature is a matter of course. Moreover, it is a standard of living and unwritten law at the same time. It is located at the north of The meadow under the Castle. Thus, it watches over people’s actions and can compare them with the deeds of past and future generations.

NCH_Tabuľa-11_Na návšteve
vlastné foto Jana Smatanová

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foto Jana Smatanová (CHKO)